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With over 20 years in the Wine Industry, Roley can certainly say that he has some experience!

Living, for the most part, in South West London, with his two boys, two dogs and long suffering wife - his head, you will often find has drifted further afield and you’ll find him remembering days of walking the vines on the Peter Lehmann Wines Estate, tieing the vines of Sauternes, sniffing out an undiscovered, natural producer near Ostuni... or basking in the wonders and diversity of the wines to be found on his own front doorstep.

Roley’s passion for wine and everything that comes with it: meeting other ‘vinophiles’; bringing the smaller, undiscovered wines of both old and new worlds to those who he knows will understand once they’ve tasted; creating new and exciting lists for restaurants, clubs and hotels or finding that one wine that you are after but didn’t know that you really needed... his passion for everything wine is incomparable.

Never happier than when drinking good wine in great company!

If it isn’t on the list he will find it for you and if you don’t know where to begin, he will talk and help you taste through until you find it!

There is absolutely nothing of the ‘wine snob’ about Roley, approachable, human and is about the journey of the experience after all!

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